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Women In Society: Emancipation
There is considerable evidence that women's education and literacy tend to reduce the mortality rates of children.  
- Amartya Sen (Development as Freedom, 2000, pg 195) 
It is hard to be a woman; you must think like a man, act like a lady, look like a young girl and work like a horse.
The education and empowerment of women throughout the world cannot fail to result in a more caring, tolerant, just and peaceful life for all. 
- Aung San Suu Kyi
You're not regarded a man for making sexist comments and living up to your stereotypes; you had the guts to watch us blossom with independence, the balls to make the comments you make, and yet be a coward because there is change. The year is 2014; we are living the 21st Century. Ignorance and arrogance should cease to exist (within you); WAKE UP.
They say that the role of a woman is to love, to nurture, to provide and to serve. And then that's it; nothing else. She is expected to fulfil the roles of a woman that is expec
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Women In Society: Shout
It's like you're screaming. And no one can hear. You feel hopeless, like nothing can save you. You almost feel ashamed, that someone could be that important, and without them you're like nothing. No one will ever understand how much it hurts. And when it's over and it's gone, you're almost wishing you could have all that bad stuff back. So that you could have the good.
It was said that the memories, no matter how good or bad, should never be changed or taken away from you. Because it's what makes you the person you are today. But if you wanted the bad stuff back to have the good...think about the proportion of good memories you had to bad. And if you knew what would happen in advance...if you didn't like the result at the end...would you have still put up with the bad?
It starts off normal, like a normal relationship should.
Dating to see if you're compatible with this person.
And of course it goes well. 
Numbers and smiles exchanged.
Like turns into love.
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In Real Life: Conceptual Schedule
BOLD: Done
ITALICS: Need to Start
UNDERLINED: Two (or more) Part Poem 
Women (in Society) Religion Growing UpRelationshipsCrime and WarfarePovertyIdiocyEmotion and MoralityWomen (in Society):
Shame(less)A Poem About...ShoutEmancipation Label Insecure, ReassureFace PaintPretty Girl RockMother'Behind the Burqa' MAY be a part of the 'Women (in Society)' section
CloudsSpiritsGrowing Up:
Student V.1. Student V.2. ChildhoodGrown Up (Period)Aware Relationships:
RainbowGeneralsMoving on V.1.Moving on V.2.Trust 
(Over) Exposure - (affair)Falling (in Love)Would you?
'Senses' part of the 'Relationships' section- a one-shot, conclu
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Her Name is BANKS ( Black and White Version) by CrazyCapricorn Her Name is BANKS ( Black and White Version) :iconcrazycapricorn:CrazyCapricorn 0 0 Her Name is BANKS (Colour Version) by CrazyCapricorn Her Name is BANKS (Colour Version) :iconcrazycapricorn:CrazyCapricorn 1 0
New Years Resolutions
1) Get my priorities right
2) Be kinder to myself
3) Make a difference
4) Don't hold back
Over the past year, I've made hell of a lot of mistakes. Whether it's my academic or home life, they've really gotten to me. There's honestly so much, too much to explain. Maybe if I bullet point it down, it'd be simple and slightly easier to understand:                    
Didn't get the grades expected at GCSE's; this didn't bother me too much- I mean I got 4As, 5Bs, 2Cs, and a Level 1 Sports Leadership qualification, which for me is pretty good- but I think back to Year 7, where I was determined to get As and A*s and ask 'where did that girl go?'Falling out with family; though I didn't make the smartest decisions, they really did hurt me with the things they did, the words they said. Thank god its starting to get better.Falling out with friends; more recently did this happen. Now I can safely say that I will NEVER, if EVER, call these bastards m
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Miranda Kerr by CrazyCapricorn Miranda Kerr :iconcrazycapricorn:CrazyCapricorn 3 4 Frozen Defender- Elsa of Arrendelle by CrazyCapricorn Frozen Defender- Elsa of Arrendelle :iconcrazycapricorn:CrazyCapricorn 75 32 Arrendale's Crest by CrazyCapricorn Arrendale's Crest :iconcrazycapricorn:CrazyCapricorn 17 4 Frozen Defender W.I.P. by CrazyCapricorn Frozen Defender W.I.P. :iconcrazycapricorn:CrazyCapricorn 1 3 Mercedes McKenzie Jones W.I.P. by CrazyCapricorn Mercedes McKenzie Jones W.I.P. :iconcrazycapricorn:CrazyCapricorn 1 0
Women In Society: Label
A follow up to 'Emancipation'

She wakes up and faces the world
One morning
And finds that time stops and stares
Society scorning at her
Because it's one label
That can change society,
in general,
and their perception of her
Not what dress size she is
Although that's also helpful
in determining what sort of person she is
Skinny or flat out Fat
(oh the irony)
Anorexia, bulimia or even just
letting go way too much,
A label can really pack a punch
Make her skip lunch
Send thoughts in her head
To make her look in the mirror
Her perception of her shattered
Like her family's lives when they pick up the body
What went through her head?
Or maybe something not so extreme
But enough to hurt a feeling
If she comes in wearing a set of clothes
The words and judgment that unfolds
Casual and modest
Sexy and (or) slutty 
Troubled or 'emo'
Bossy and uptight
Or a downright show-off with too much skin
Or too much designer without the class
Whatever class 
Could lead her
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Mature content
Women In Society: A Poem About... :iconcrazycapricorn:CrazyCapricorn 1 0
Women In Society: Shameless...
What is with people today?
Honestly, how old you think I am?
My face is still young, my age still pure today
My body is still maturing,
But don't act like you couldn't tell
For you should know better, I'm not alluring
First time you noticed me
Was when my legs were on show
You had enough of the summer heat
But then you decided not to go
I was enjoying the sunshine,
The warmth that followed
But then, like water on the ground, that evaporated
When I saw you, my fear I had to swallow
Fear, not cum
And it definitely won't be yours
So get that out of your mind, buster!
But many people have ogled me,
How many times I've lost count
Rolling up next to me
In car, with friends or alone
It's sickening, can't you see?
With my friend
With my siblings
Hell, even with my boyfriend
With his arm around me
You tell me, when will this end?
Asking me questions
Devious looks
Kissing noises
That's how it all starts.
But we both know you can't have me
Unless you get an extreme amount of luck
Fate no longer o
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00 Redline: Suicidal-Why'd it have to be this way? by CrazyCapricorn 00 Redline: Suicidal-Why'd it have to be this way? :iconcrazycapricorn:CrazyCapricorn 1 0 First Time In Forever W.I.P. by CrazyCapricorn First Time In Forever W.I.P. :iconcrazycapricorn:CrazyCapricorn 5 4


Biting Pear Hoodie by Kaya-Snapdragon Biting Pear Hoodie :iconkaya-snapdragon:Kaya-Snapdragon 349 70 begin again by Kaya-Snapdragon begin again :iconkaya-snapdragon:Kaya-Snapdragon 427 82 Rouge The Bat - Queen of Diamonds by Kaya-Snapdragon Rouge The Bat - Queen of Diamonds :iconkaya-snapdragon:Kaya-Snapdragon 626 93 Card - Rouge - Queen of Diamonds by Kaya-Snapdragon Card - Rouge - Queen of Diamonds :iconkaya-snapdragon:Kaya-Snapdragon 315 19 Princess Leia by Kaya-Snapdragon Princess Leia :iconkaya-snapdragon:Kaya-Snapdragon 195 20 Family by NightLiight Family :iconnightliight:NightLiight 3,042 152 Afternoon Nap by NightLiight Afternoon Nap :iconnightliight:NightLiight 2,762 79
Work and Art
----April 13, 2017----
Hello all! :wave:
Before I start, I wanna thank everyone who took the time to comment on my last journal ("DA not the same..."). I really appreciate your kind words. Even though I haven't replied to them all, I did read through them and actually still have them in my message bin lol.
Anyways onto recent stuff~
So I haven't been that active lately because I am working now( I told a few people here and there, not sure I mentioned in a journal). I got hired in late December, though I didn't want to say anything until probation was up. Reason for that was because last year I got hired somewhere else and I was let go after a few days. That experience took a huge toll on my confidence and was overall just humiliating.....I thought I wasn't able to handle the job and that I wasted my time in school for it...I was barely given a chance :depressed: So yeah, this time around I wanted to make sure that I had it for sure before I shared the news. That was honestly one of the
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KIT by mior3e KIT :iconmior3e:mior3e 2,261 80 Bases for Bases 17 - Happiness vs. Sadness by Kaya-Snapdragon Bases for Bases 17 - Happiness vs. Sadness :iconkaya-snapdragon:Kaya-Snapdragon 355 61 Ahri - Secret by MichelleHoefener Ahri - Secret :iconmichellehoefener:MichelleHoefener 3,108 53 Sunset by LingLostHappinesXiao Sunset :iconlinglosthappinesxiao:LingLostHappinesXiao 102 7 Wheat by GUWEIZ Wheat :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 4,808 100 Audrey Hepburn by GUWEIZ Audrey Hepburn :iconguweiz:GUWEIZ 4,866 143 Jade by wlop Jade :iconwlop:wlop 5,669 87 Life is strange .Together. by sakimichan Life is strange .Together. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 33,121 1,165


Minimum of 6 chapters if you want me to write a story
Digital Art
Art I will do: Anime/Manga style art / Anthro OR Sonic art/ Mario art/ Cars OR Pixar fan art/ OC's / Disney/ Patterns or Designs (tell me!)
Tell me what background you want, also! (Traditional/ Digital Mixes also allowed) Details of the scenario you want my depict in the artwork would be useful and a written excerpt may be included with the piece (Literature commissions are SEPARATE)
Art I will do: Anime/Manga style art / Anthro OR Sonic art/ Mario art/ Cars OR Pixar fan art/ OC's / Disney/ Patterns or Designs (tell me!) 
Tell me what background you want, also! (IF you want a background/ Traditional/ Digital Mixes also allowed) Details of the scenario you want my depict in the artwork would be useful (posing, outfit etc.) and a written excerpt/background information may be included with the piece (Literature commissions are SEPARATE)
Also tell me if you want a coloured gradient on the sketch! 


CrazyCapricorn's Profile Picture
Nicole Aimee Dady
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Name: Nicole Aimee Dady
Age: About to go into my first year of university as an undergrad. You figure it out XD
Star Sign:Capricorn, as the name suggests
Meaning behind Username:It literally had no substance, it was a three second decision; I'm crazy and I'm a Capricorn. It made a disturbing amount of sense.
Why I'm here: I love spending time on creativity and devising new art, new concepts and new stories to tell (why else would I be here?). And apparently my life journal and misfortunes make me interesting as a teenage adult woman...K...
Talents:Drawing, writing, planning my productivity RATHER THAN being productive (goddamn-it I'm trying!), reading, browsing Pinterest, dancing, dreaming, journaling, eating a lot of food, complaining non stop, making lists...
Future for the next three years:Doing my Psychology undergrad degree, hopefully with: wonderful friends-old and new-; new love that lasts; a YouTube channel; meeting more of you DA lovelies and just making a happier life for myself and my family
Ultimate Goals for the Future:
1) Mental Health Advocate- I want to help mental health sufferers anywhere and anyway I can...I don't want anyone to feel or be alone, or trapped, like I did.
2) I want to inspire and motivate others, and make other people happy. And if my art gives you even a little glimpse of that...then's a start.
3) (Always dreaming of) Becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel (...damn you genetics!)
4)...other stuff that I can't be bothered to mention right now

Random Fact about Me:I am a munchkin. There you are; your mind has been blown. (What, did you expect that last part to be...INTERESTING?!)

Social Media Links- You might wanna check it out, there's some OK/cool stuff on there:



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  • Listening to: BANKS- Better
  • Watching: The Wright Stuff (a UK topical talk show)w/ my mum
  • Eating: Imaginary Cheeseburger
  • Drinking: Lemon Green Tea

How have you all been so far?

Well as you can expect from this journal series, I have somewhat of a massive update for you all. From Friday 18th June 2016, I finished my set of national exams (fingers crossed my firm choice for university accepts me) and as of now, I have no obligations to school. AT ALL. And its BRILLIANT! It means now, I don't have get up early and come home exhausted 5 days a week. I don't have to go to an environment where I'd get stressed, not only with school work, but also with the painful twinge of bittersweet nostalgia of memories of a better time, and the contempt towards the minority of individuals that made my life hell.Grr. I'm going to slap some sense into you! :matrixfight:

Now I have a chance to fully recharge- away from anything that could have made me worse than- and become fully refreshed and heal my mind body and soul again. I have a year and three months to do that- before I go to university; I'm going on a gap you see. I have plans you know.

I am going for a job interview with New Look in a month, but am attending a couple of workshops in  preparation for that. I have also applied to do a Level 4 Diploma in Garment Technology so fingers crossed both go well. I plan to work out, do more yoga, dance and upload my first dance video on my YouTube Channel (I'll upload the links on the 1st July). I also plan to catch up with as many friends as I can, learn new languages and live my life to the fullest. Additionally, I'll learn more new things via FutureLearn, and spend more time on DeviantArt as I need to; first point of order- commissions and prizes (Blush).

To me, it partially sounds exciting but also quite boring. I get to do all the things I either put on the back burner or never got the time for; hell even getting the chance to clean out my overflowing email inboxes, putting my notes into storage and burning the ones I don't need and have a BBQ over them (Headbang! )...I think sometimes boring can be underrated. Just the prospect of doing all this alone thoroughly EXCITES ME OMG MOAR POEMS! Boogie! :squee: 

In the words of Sabrina Fairchild, "I shall never never again run away from life. Or from love either".

I don't believe I have anything else to say except, take care for now and I hope you all have a blessed summer ahead.:happybounce: 


83 deviations
Do any of my followers have Tumblr? If so let me know. I'm thinking about starting my own page and I would love to hear some tips and tricks from you! :highfive:

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