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Minimum of 6 chapters if you want me to write a story
Digital Art
Frozen Defender- Elsa of Arrendelle by CrazyCapricorn
Arrendale's Crest by CrazyCapricorn
Roses, Ribbons and Pearls Dress (Fashion Design) by CrazyCapricorn
Staring into the eye of the Fire Opal... by CrazyCapricorn
CE- Riptide Water-bender by CrazyCapricorn
Art I will do: Anime/Manga style art / Anthro OR Sonic art/ Mario art/ Cars OR Pixar fan art/ OC's / Disney/ Patterns or Designs (tell me!)
Tell me what background you want, also! (Traditional/ Digital Mixes also allowed) Details of the scenario you want my depict in the artwork would be useful and a written excerpt may be included with the piece (Literature commissions are SEPARATE)
Explosive Floral Doodle by CrazyCapricorn
Floral Aztec- coloured version by CrazyCapricorn
Within My Reach- sketch by CrazyCapricorn
Miranda Kerr sketch by CrazyCapricorn
Her Name is BANKS (sketch) by CrazyCapricorn
Art I will do: Anime/Manga style art / Anthro OR Sonic art/ Mario art/ Cars OR Pixar fan art/ OC's / Disney/ Patterns or Designs (tell me!) 
Tell me what background you want, also! (IF you want a background/ Traditional/ Digital Mixes also allowed) Details of the scenario you want my depict in the artwork would be useful (posing, outfit etc.) and a written excerpt/background information may be included with the piece (Literature commissions are SEPARATE)
Also tell me if you want a coloured gradient on the sketch! 


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Nicole Aimee Dady
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Name: Nicole Aimee Dady
Age: About to go into my first year of university as an undergrad. You figure it out XD
Star Sign:Capricorn, as the name suggests
Meaning behind Username:It literally had no substance, it was a three second decision; I'm crazy and I'm a Capricorn. It made a disturbing amount of sense.
Why I'm here: I love spending time on creativity and devising new art, new concepts and new stories to tell (why else would I be here?). And apparently my life journal and misfortunes make me interesting as a teenage adult woman...K...
Talents:Drawing, writing, planning my productivity RATHER THAN being productive (goddamn-it I'm trying!), reading, browsing Pinterest, dancing, dreaming, journaling, eating a lot of food, complaining non stop, making lists...
Future for the next three years:Doing my Psychology undergrad degree, hopefully with: wonderful friends-old and new-; new love that lasts; a YouTube channel; meeting more of you DA lovelies and just making a happier life for myself and my family
Ultimate Goals for the Future:
1) Mental Health Advocate- I want to help mental health sufferers anywhere and anyway I can...I don't want anyone to feel or be alone, or trapped, like I did.
2) I want to inspire and motivate others, and make other people happy. And if my art gives you even a little glimpse of that...then's a start.
3) (Always dreaming of) Becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel (...damn you genetics!)
4)...other stuff that I can't be bothered to mention right now

Random Fact about Me:I am a munchkin. There you are; your mind has been blown. (What, did you expect that last part to be...INTERESTING?!)

Social Media Links- You might wanna check it out, there's some OK/cool stuff on there:
  • Listening to: BANKS- Better
  • Watching: The Wright Stuff (a UK topical talk show)w/ my mum
  • Eating: Imaginary Cheeseburger
  • Drinking: Lemon Green Tea

How have you all been so far?

Well as you can expect from this journal series, I have somewhat of a massive update for you all. From Friday 18th June 2016, I finished my set of national exams (fingers crossed my firm choice for university accepts me) and as of now, I have no obligations to school. AT ALL. And its BRILLIANT! It means now, I don't have get up early and come home exhausted 5 days a week. I don't have to go to an environment where I'd get stressed, not only with school work, but also with the painful twinge of bittersweet nostalgia of memories of a better time, and the contempt towards the minority of individuals that made my life hell.Grr. I'm going to slap some sense into you! :matrixfight:

Now I have a chance to fully recharge- away from anything that could have made me worse than- and become fully refreshed and heal my mind body and soul again. I have a year and three months to do that- before I go to university; I'm going on a gap you see. I have plans you know.

I am going for a job interview with New Look in a month, but am attending a couple of workshops in  preparation for that. I have also applied to do a Level 4 Diploma in Garment Technology so fingers crossed both go well. I plan to work out, do more yoga, dance and upload my first dance video on my YouTube Channel (I'll upload the links on the 1st July). I also plan to catch up with as many friends as I can, learn new languages and live my life to the fullest. Additionally, I'll learn more new things via FutureLearn, and spend more time on DeviantArt as I need to; first point of order- commissions and prizes (Blush).

To me, it partially sounds exciting but also quite boring. I get to do all the things I either put on the back burner or never got the time for; hell even getting the chance to clean out my overflowing email inboxes, putting my notes into storage and burning the ones I don't need and have a BBQ over them (Headbang! )...I think sometimes boring can be underrated. Just the prospect of doing all this alone thoroughly EXCITES ME OMG MOAR POEMS! Boogie! :squee: 

In the words of Sabrina Fairchild, "I shall never never again run away from life. Or from love either".

I don't believe I have anything else to say except, take care for now and I hope you all have a blessed summer ahead.:happybounce: 


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Do any of my followers have Tumblr? If so let me know. I'm thinking about starting my own page and I would love to hear some tips and tricks from you! :highfive:

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